Bas Kamp

Born in the Netherlands 1989, Bas kamp studied at the Design academy Eindhoven where he graduated in 2013. Before that he studied at Sint Lucas Boxtel where he graduated in 2009.In the period of Sint Lucas he did an internship at Piet Hein Eek 2007, where he learned some craftsman skills. During his time at the DAE he did an internship at Philips Lighting design 2012, where he was introduced into the world of industrial product design.

Currently he is working at GRO design in Eindhoven where he develops his skills and knowledge to become an allround industrial designer.

His goal is to start his own industrial product design studio someday in the future to created products for labels all around the world. Design is a passion, it is the aim to created products which make a small difference in the world.

Work hard & keep dreaming